Jealous Woman Burned Her Face: She Wore A Mask 2 Years, And Now She Is More Beautiful Than Ever!

Dana Vulin was sleeping peacefully in her bed, when a woman, jealous of her beauty, broke into her apartment and lit her face. This mentally ill  and unstable woman has been identified by the police.

One evening, while Dana attended a meeting with the parties, talked with many people, and among those people, was the husband of this women. Out of jealousy, she could not bear to see her husband talking with another woman, she decided to destroy this woman’s beauty once and for all. Fortunately, Dana survived, but her face was covered with third-degree burns.

For two and a half years, she was wearing a special mask and during that time she did almost 30 reconstructive surgery of her face. The jealous wife is now in prison and is serving a sentence of 17 years for the brutal attack.

Recently, Dana took off the mask for the first time, and the result is truly amazing.

Video by: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx7LnJo2G5GHOXIWnFxGAtQ