Is Your Heart Beating Faster And Stronger? – Here is How To Slow It Down In A Minute Without Using Drugs

Is your heart beating faster and stronger, as a result of stress? Don’t worry, it’s a common occurrence.

It occurs with men and women equally. The feeling is very unpleasant and all we want to do, is stop it as soon as possible. Today, we will give you three simple ways to slow your pulse and heart down in just under a minute.

The Cold Water Method

You will need cold water, as cold as possible. When your pulse is accelerated, take a deep breath and immerse your face in cold water and will remain so as long as possible.This process stimulates your vagus nerve, which acts on slowing the heart rate. When you hold your face in cold water, your body sends a signal to slow down your metabolism. This process is known as a reflex, and it causes a rapid reduction in heart rate. It’s the same reflex that helps people survive in cold water for long periods of time.

Deep Breathing

Take a very deep breath, to the point when you won’t able to breath in anymore air. Then quickly exhale air from the lungs. Repeat this process as much as you need. It’s not enough to just take a deep breath. Only deep breathing won’t slow down the heart, it is necessary to inhale as hard as you can. Breathing this way will slow your pulse down.

The Valsalva Maneuver

Breathe moderately. Close your nose and mouth. Keep this pressure as much as you can stand. Then exhale the air and relax. You may feel slightly dizzy from this, but this is normal.

Try each method several times before you move on to the next. After a while you’ll the one that suits you best.

However, if you often have rapid heart rate episodes, for 20 or more minutes, and feel like fainting, seek medical attention.