If You Have This Deodorant, Throw It Away Immediately: It Can Cause You This…!

Surely you know that cosmetic products are not good for us, especially deodorants. However everyone uses deodorants and many will continue using them, but if you continue using deodorant make sure that you pay attention what deodorant are you using. Almost every man has used the popular Axe deodorant at some point of his life. Well at this point you need to know that the Axe deodorant has a bunch of endocrine disturbers. This means that it contains chemicals that mimic the function of the human hormone, which confuses the body.

These endocrine disturbers leave terrible consequences on male reproduction, and it can even lead to various types of cancer, including the prostate cancer. In addition you must know that these endocrine disturbers can also affect your metabolism. Namely this deodorant contains ingredients such as, aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohyhdrex gli, cocamidopropyl betaine, PPG-14 Bustyl Ether and BHT. Thereby using this deodorant can lead to nerve damage, kidney damage, Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer.