I Love To Operate My Wife: Plastic Surgeon Claims To Have Created A Woman With Ideal Proportions

A plastic surgeon reveals that he used his wife as a “home” model for his clients after re-designed her figure with a variety of cosmetic procedures. 47-year-old Philip Kraft has his own clinic in Miami, and he uses his wife as a model on which he is testing his operations after she gave birth to their two sons.

43-year-old Anna is happy because she is convinced that she has a perfect body after all the surgical operation that her husband did on her. During their 21 years of marriage, Anna enlarged her breasts, did a liposuction, increased her bottom, contoured her body with all the operations, sculpted her waist and abdomen, and had Botox injections for filling her lips and cheeks.


At first she did not want her husband to operate her, however once she gave birth to their two sons, she changed her mind. Now, according to her husband, she has a perfectly sculpted body. “After all the operations, I am now convinced that she looks better than 22 years ago when I met her” – says Philip.