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How To Improve Your Posture – Exercises For Good Posture

Do you remember when your parents constantly annoyed you about your posture, during your childhood? No matter how annoying they were, they were right.

Spine curvature is not a pleasant thing. Lowered shoulders and a bent back don’t flatter anyone. But why are we so lazy to hold up our back correctly? This is because the front part of the human body more developed than back. Back muscles must constantly be strengthened.This will reduce the burden on your spine and you will always walk upright.

Here’s A Great Exercise To Improve Your Posture

Lie on your stomach, face down. Slowly lift your upper body as high as you can. You can fix your arms on your hips. Hold this position.It activates the largest number of muscles, so you’ll feel the tension. Do 10 repetitions.

This will be enough for the first time. If you do this exercise every day, constantly increasing the number of repetitions, your back will be corrected very quickly.

You’ll quickly forget about back and neck pain. You’ll have good posture and you’ll feel much better and healthier.

A curved and bent spine affects the operation of all internal organs. Improper back holding heaps pressure on the thorax, lungs, liver, and heart. When you hold your back correctly, you’ll be healthier, more beautiful and more confident.

Additional motivation for women: When your back is straight and upright, your breasts look bigger.

Source: Good Morning Center