How Did We Not Know This Before: There Is A Picture On The Cosmetic Packages That Will Make Your Life A Lot Easier

We know all about the recommendations of the experts when you should throw away certain product. Some general rules states the following: you need to change your mascara every three months, your concealer once a year, your powder can last for two years without problem, you need to change your eye shadow for three months and when it comes to your lipstick you will be the judge when to throw it away.

However, we are confident that there is no woman who so religiously follows these recommendations, especially when every woman’s cabinet is filled with makeup and you surely cannot be certain when was which bought. Well, let us tell you, there’s a catch for this!

Namely, on each package there is a symbol that will tell you what the shelf life of the product is after the first opening. All products must have these symbols except those whose term exceeds in 30 months.

Therefore, the best thing to do right after you buy something, is to a marker that product and write on it the date you opened it, and so you will always know when it is time to throw something.

Great trick, isn’t it?

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