How Can The Plastic Cap From Your Pen Save Your Life?

Take the simplest and cheapest pen. Now look at the cap. I bet you never thought much about the cap and its purpose. However this cap has a detail on it which no one notices, but sure it can save many lives.

If I look at the cap, you will see that the top is hollow.

You probably know that young children put everything that they see in their mouth. Often when adults are thinking about something they chew the cap of the pen.

In such unconscious situations the worst thing can happen. You can swallow the cap and you can even choke.

Precisely because of this caution, designers of Cristal Pen came to the perfect idea. They designed the cap to be hollow, so that in case you swallow the cap and start choking you will get enough oxygen until the ambulance arrives.

For the same reason the lollipop sticks are hollow.

This solution is supported by all manufacturers of pens, and the British Standards Institute made corrections in the instructions for their manufacture and use.

“Good design is seen immediately, excellent design is not noticeable.”