Here’s What Can Happen If You’re Using A Colored And Perfumed Toilet Paper

Pink, yellow, blue, lavender, jasmine colored, pink… Today, it’s “essential” to have colored and perfumed toilet paper. However, not many people know that you should be avoiding it. Here’s why.

In 1987, the FDA introduced a revolution in the pharmaceutical industry by prohibiting the use of certain colors and scents after test animals were found to have certain tumors, after being exposed to them.Although the technology has since changed significantly, there’s still a great concern regarding the use of colored and scented toilet paper.

The addition of chemicals such as bleach, dyes and artificial fragrances in toilet paper jeopardizes the health and further pollutes the environment.

Cervical Cancer

It’s assumed that the direct impact of colored toilet-paper on female the reproductive organs may result in increased risk of developing cervical cancer.

Rectal Problems

Using colored and scented toilet paper can lead to inflammation and itching in the rectal area. In addition, it’s a good habit to check your stool for blood, from time to time. Colored toilet paper makes it difficult to see these changes, especially if you’re using red toilet paper. A bloody stool is the most common signs of colon cancer.

Urinary Tract Infections

Colored toilet paper can be extremely irritating to the vaginal area and its use is often cited as a cause of urinary tract infections.

Fungal Infections

One of the first questions the gynecologist asks a woman with a yeast infection is: “Are you using a colored toilet paper?”. Experts have found a direct correlation between the use of colored toilet paper and the appearance of this infection.

A Healthier Environment

Adding color and fragrance to the toilet paper, additionally pollutes the environment. Using white or even unbleached toilet paper is a small, but important step to protect the environment.

Not Every Plain Toilet Paper Is Safe

Not many people know that even plain toilet paper can be dangerous to our health. In fact, some are bleached during the manufacturing and contain dangerous toxins, including dioxin and furan, which can cause numerous health problems. So be sure to pay attention to the ingredients listed on the packaging.

Source: Explore Healthy Food