He Put Some Potatoes In His Dishwasher: It May Seem Ridiculous But Here Is What Happened Next

Are you ready for the most amazing life hacks?  Crazy Russian Hacker is here once again with some useful tricks that you can use around the house, especially when the picnic season get open. Thereby you must see the video below. Believe us, it will definitely make your life way easier.

For starters, some of these simple tricks will make the preparation of some social events less demanding and time-consuming. Also, for example, you would never have thought to use the dishwasher for cleaning potatoes.

Then, another useful trick will make your canvas shoes, water repellent. However, make sure to test this trick on a small area of your shoes before you apply this method on the whole shoe, because this method may change the color of your shoes

For details see the video below: