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He Drank Sip by Sip and Lost 39 Pounds

Banana Diet

The effectiveness of this diet is almost instant, you need just two weeks to notice the first results!

The trick is drinking hot water and eating bananas throughout the day. This diet is designed by Hitoshi Watanabe, husband of a pharmacist Sumiko, who lost 39 pounds. The book in which he describes his “banana diet” soon became a hit in Japan and was purchased in 600 000 copies. As told in Japan in 2009 occurred real rush for bananas: in the mornings there was a real challenge to find bananas in the market, because the demand for bananas became huge.

Although Hitoshis’ diet has been approved by biomedical expert Dr. Noboru Motohashi, who says he lost 28 pounds with a similar fruit diet, other nutritionists are skeptical: “Eating only one kind of food in the long run is not healthy, because you can’t get the necessary nutrients.”

Because of that his initial diet is modified and looks like this:

For breakfast you can eat more than one banana, only fresh, but be careful notto overeat. If for any reason you can’t eat bananas, you can replace them with any other fruit. If you are still hungry, wait 15 minutes, then if you still feel hungry eat anything else, but in small quantities.