Grandmothers Knew This And Science Has Confirmed It: This is Why This Plant’s Root is More Efficient than Chemotherapy!

This unjustly forgotten plant, often times considered as only a weed, is actually rich in numerous healing effects. Our grandmothers made syrups from the dandelion flowers knowing that it contains numerous healing substances. But, what it is less known is the fact that the dandelion root helps cancer patients. Moreover, scientists found out that the root has a better effect than chemotherapy which kills all cells, whereas this plant kills only the ones affected by the carcinoma.

Grandmothers Knew This And Science Has Confirmed It This is Why This Plant’s Root is More Efficient than Chemotherapy

Also, it possesses diuretic properties, encourages bile secretion, cleanses the liver and it is beneficial for allergies as well. Furthermore, it is a great ally for cholesterol lowering, and it is rich in vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium, folic acid and magnesium. It is rich in vitamin K and A.

At the University of Windsor in Canada, at the department of chemistry and biochemistry, a research was conducted and the results from it have poured new hope to all people suffering from cancer. Namely, they concluded that the dandelion root kills the cells caught up by carcinoma. One more useful fact is that it does not have any harmful consequences for the remaining cells in our organism, according to Natural News.

Dandelion tea affects the ill cells and in 48 hours they literally fall apart, whereas the healthy cells remain untouched, as stated in the research. Treatment with dandelion root is able to destroy most of the cancer infected cells, and because of the unexpected results, the researchers continue with the research of this amazing plant.

John di Carlo is a 72 year old man who had a close up experience with dandelion. He went through intensive and aggressive chemotherapies and spent 3 years in this treatment before the doctors released him home in order to spend his last days with his closest ones. Since the doctors had lesser and lesser alternatives in finding a solution for his disease, they suggested him to drink dandelion root tea, and after only four months he experienced remission.