Drink Coffee To Reverse Liver Damage Caused By Alcohol

Are you a fan of coffee and alcohol? If so, then we have so good news for you. Everyone knows about the negative effects that alcohol has on your body. However most of us consume it more than we should.

You probably already know that constant consummation of alcohol can lead to several diseases, among which the most dangerous one is the liver cirrhosis. However if you love coffee you don’t need to worry. And here is why.

According to one study, which was recently conducted in the United Kingdom, the liver damage caused by alcohol can be reversed by drinking 2 cups of coffee a day.

The study finds connections between liver health and coffee

This study analyzed data from nearly 10 studies, in which 430,000 people participated, and the results showed that 2 cups of coffee a day can lead to 44% less risk of liver cirrhosis. This is an excellent news for the ones who enjoy coffee and alcohol. The liver cirrhosis is caused by the excessive alcohol intake. Did you know that millions of people die from this disease every year?

There are also other diseases that can lead to liver cirrhosis, such as:

  • Fatty liver disease (often lined to obesity and diabetes)
  • Hepatitis disease
  • Immune disease

In most of the cases the liver cirrhosis can be fatal and the worst thing is that, at this moment, there is no cure for this vicious disease. However, Dr. Oliver Kennedy, professor at Southampton University and the lead author of this study, claims that drinking coffee has a very important role in decreasing the risk of developing liver cirrhosis. Coffee is the cheapest remedy that you can find, and most importantly many people love and can tolerate this drink. This makes coffee the best remedy for fighting liver cirrhosis.

Liver cirrhosis and coffee study

A team of scientists studied the effects of coffee in nearly 2,000 people, who were suffering from liver cirrhosis. First they divided the patients into groups and then started the research. Here are the results:

  • 1 cup of coffee a day can lead to 22% less risk of liver cirrhosis
  • 2 cups of coffee a day can lead to 43% less risk of liver cirrhosis
  • 3 cups of coffee a day can lead to 57% less risk of liver cirrhosis
  • 4 cups of coffee a day can lead to 65% less risk of liver cirrhosis

This results were also compared to results of people who did not drank coffee. Even though these news are excellent, there are some things about the coffee that you need to consider first, such as:

  • Beans used
  • Brewing technique used
  • Lifestyle of the person drinking the coffee

According to another research, in fighting liver cirrhosis, filtered coffee is more effective than the boiled one. Even though many questions are yet to be answered, this, however is super news for the ones who enjoy drinking coffee and alcohol.

Source:Steth News