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I Drank Kefir For 30 Days And Here’s What Happened To Me! (RECIPE)

We can read everywhere that the kefir has many health benefits. All of this is true, and due to the kefir the Tibetans live over 100 years. However the one you find in the stores is not even close to the domestic kefir.

And here in this article we will show you how you can make kefir yourself in your home.

I Drank Kefir For 30 Days And Here's What Happened To Me! (RECIPE)

For preparing a homemade kefir firstly you will need a plastic strainer. Now you need to put the kefir grains in the plastic strainer and let them drip over the night. In the morning rinse the kefir grains with cold water. Make sure that you rinse them nice enough, so that the milk and the milk deposits are nicely washed away.

When kefir grains are all well washed, place them in a glass jar, and then pour sweet cow or goats milk(pre-warmed to a room temperature) over them.

Now cover the kefir grains with a cloth and leave them in a dark place in the house for 24 hours. After 24 hours, strain the kefir and drink it.

You should drink the kefir every day for a month.

After only one week you will notice that your pants are a little bit “more comfortable” at the waist and after the third week your stomach will be much thinner.

By consuming this recipe you will lose 3 kg in only one month!

The best thing is that you don’t need to change your diet at all. All you have to do is add kefir to your daily diet.