Do You Know What Happens to the Brain if You Eat One Pickle Every Day?

Did you know that naturally fermented, sour cucumbers can have a role in the level of happiness? Cucumbers and other fermented foods have the ability to alleviate anxieties and thus inhibit a feeling of happiness i.e. acting as an anxiolytic agent. Neurosis and anxiety can be reduced with consumption of pickles and other fermented ingredients, like sour cabbage.

The researcher Matthew Hilimire researched this effect at the college of William & Mary. The results from the research pointed out significant decrease of social anxiety and neuroticism in individuals who consumed fermented ingredients on a daily basis.

Moreover, scientists have confirmed that a healthy stomach leads to a healthy brain. In fact, by encouraging serotonin in the body, the level of happiness increases, thus promoting healthier thinking and lowering of the distorted anxiety burdened by over thinking. Take a look at the video for a more detailed explanation of this fascinating link between fermented foods and our well being:

Video by: Barbara Mendez