Do You Have Bacteria Or Parasites: Look At Your Neck!

When the existence of cancer is detected that fact comes quite shocking to people. In most of the cases swollen lymph nodes are the first to be discovered. These nods are usually located on the neck, around the head, armpits and groin. Enlarged lymph nodes may even form a lump behind your ear.

Enlarged lymph nodes may appear in the size of a small peas to balls large as cherries. It is noteworthy that sometimes swollen lymph nodes does not mean strictly the presence of disease. For example, they can have a normal size if they are less than one centimeter in size.

If, however, they are swelled and increased to twice or three times, then you can identify them easily, because you can feel them with a simple touch.

You will feel the following symptoms:

  • hot, swollen and red lymph nodes
  • pain or tenderness when you touch them
  • symptoms of infection, such as sore throat, mouth sores, fatigue, cough, runny nose, sweating, chills and fever

How to treat swollen nodes?

It is best to visit a doctor to do puncture and all the necessary tests.

Herbal medicine:

Garlic can help you reduce the swelling and the inflammation that caused the swelling of the lymph nodes.