Do This At Least Once A Week And You Will Have A Perfectly Shaped Breasts

Every woman wants to have a perfectly shaped breasts, but not all women are that blessed. Drooping breasts are a normal process that occurs along with the aging process, because the skin loses its elasticity. Other factors that can affect the shape of the breasts are pregnancy, overweight, smoking and so on.

Here’s how to perfectly shape your breasts:

Olive oil

What you only need to do is to massage your breasts with olive oil for 15 minutes, several times a week.


Massage your breasts with an ice cube. Use circular motion. Massage your breasts for about 1 minute, but not more, because more can cause numbness.

Egg white

Make a foamy texture, and then apply it to your breasts and let it rest for about 30 minutes before you wash it off.