Do This And You Will Never Suffer From Cracked Heels And Calluses

Cracked heels are a common skin problem that affects many people from all around the world. Even though many people think that this is purely aesthetics problem, in some cases this problem can be manifested as a really painful condition. That is why here in this article we will show you the recipe for this amazing homemade remedy that will help you eliminate this annoying problem in no time. The preparation of this remedy is really easy and simple and for the same you will only need 2 ingredients.

Necessary ingredients:

  • 10 aspirins ( or Andols)
  • 250 ml of 70% alcohol


For preparing this remedy all you need to do is crush the aspirins and mix them with 250 ml of 70% alcohol.

Then you need to pour the mixture into small glass bottles and leave it to stay like that for two days.


Before using this remedy remember to shake nicely the bottle. Then you need to pour the mixture on a gauze and then apply it to the affected areas. Next thing you need to do is wrap your heels in plastic foil and put on your socks. Leave this coating on overnight and the next morning, rinse your feet with water.

After only 10 to 15 treatments, you will feel the difference.