Did You Know That The Lemon Is More Effective In Quitting Smoking Than Nicotine Patches And Gums?

When it comes to cigarettes, the easiest way to quit smoking is to never start. If you had the misfortune to pick up this bad habit, there are still options that can help you. Most of the available options can be useful, but they are often full of chemicals and nicotine. Scientists have discovered that this natural trick can be just as effective as other products, which are harmful for your body.

For most people, quitting smoking causes new habits such as nail biting. It may sound strange, but sucking a lemon can keep craving for cigarette away from you. Simply wash the lemon and cut it in 4 equal sized pieces.

When you feel the craving for a cigarette, take all four pieces and eat them one by one. Eat the crust as well.

Sounds crazy, but it is super effective!