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Chest and Back Strengthening Exercises


Warm up

First, you’ll need to warm up the body so that your muscles are prepared for strength training with a set of upper body warm up exercises.


Do 3 repetitions and take a 60-second break between sets.

  • Scissor skier

Jump up and bring your right leg forward, the left leg back and then reach your left arm up and your right arm back. Then, jump once more and switch sides.

  • Pullover

First, lie on your back and take one dumbbell with both hands and press the arms up. Then, lower the dumbbell over and beyond your head.

  • Deadlift wide row

Pair the romanian deadlift with the wide row move in order to strengthen your hamstrings, upper back, and glutes.

  • Lateral raise

Raise the arms out to the sides until the elbows are at shoulder level and then lower them slowly.

  • Front back punch

Bend the torso and bring the dumbbells close to the rib cage. Then, punch to the front with the right arm while pushing the left one back. Switch arms and repeat.

  • One arm tricep push up

Lie on the right side and then place your left palm on the mat and hug your waist with the right arm. Push up the torso and straigthen your left arm. Then, bend the arm and lower your torso back to the mat.

  • Split squat press

Combine split squats with the shoulder press movement to engage the entire body and improve the metabolism.

  • Bicep curls

Maintain your upper arms stationary and the elbows close to your body. Breathe out while you lift the dumbbells.

  • Dumbbell punches

Bring the arms up and then push one arm out in a punching motion. Change sides and don’t extend the arms entirely.

  • Decline pushups

Begin with plank pisition and place the feet on top of a step. Then, bend the elbows and lower the chest to be just above the floor and push back to primary position.

Static stretches

After doing the chest and back strengthening exercises, you should focus on streching the muscles, joints, and tendons with an upper body stretchening routine.

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