Brad Pitt’s Words Made Millions Of People Cry: “Her Horrible Skinniness Hides Many Secrets”…

The touching story of Brad Pitt about the terrifying thinness of his wife Angelina Jolie has touched a lot of people’s hearts.

Namely, Brad Pitt stated that his wife was very ill and nervous about the problems she had at work and in her private life, along with the children. As a result of all of this, she lost weight. He added that she became thin because of excessive crying.

Additionally, he goes on to explain that she experienced severe headaches and lung, spine, and heart ache. Also, she suffered from severe fatigue and she barely slept. What’s more, this also reflected on their marriage which was on the verge of collapse.

Pitt added that from the beauty of his wife, only a dull shadow remained. Moreover, she had big dark circles under the eyes and she stopped taking care of herself. He was convinced that this would be the end for them and he lost every hope.

However, just as he was about to give up on everything, he got the strength to make things better as he still had the most beautiful woman in the world beside him. Once, this woman was the idol of beauty in the entire world and he is happy to be the one who can hold her and sleep next to her.

After this decision, Pitt started giving her flowers, kisses, and beautiful compliments all the time. He said that he was trying to please her as much as possible and surprise her daily. He lived and still lives for her. In fact, he deliberately talked about her situation in public and it really worked.

Angelina has now blossomed again and loves him more than ever before. Pitt adds that he never knew that she could love him so much. What he realized at this moment was that women are reflections of their men.

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