You Must Not Ignore These Silent Diabetes Symptoms

Few days ago was the World Diabetes Day and this is a real opportunity to recall the symptoms that indicate that your blood sugar levels may be too high. Continue reading this article to see why you must not ignore the silent signs of this disease, which can be very harmful.

Frequent urination

When you suffer from diabetes, the body breaks down food to sugars a lot harder, which is why there is excess sugar in the bloodstream, and thereby the body is trying to get rid of the excess sugar through the urine.

If you urinate more than five times during the night, and therefore you cannot sleep due to the frequent urination, make sure that you check if the problem is the urinary tract or something else.

Constant thirst

Experts warn that in this situation, people often do the mistake of trying to quench the thirst with juices or other drinks that contain a lot of sugar, and therefore they exacerbate the problem.

Rapid weight loss, even though you are not on a diet

When you are suffering from diabetes, usually you lose weight in two different ways – you get rid of the calories through the urine, or they do not get absorbed from the sugar in the food.

You feel hunger accompanied by chills

When you have high blood sugar levels, the body is having a difficulty regulating the glucose. This means that if you have eaten something with a lot of carbohydrates, your body will release more insulin doses due to which the blood glucose will rapidly fall. This usually leads to shivering and feeling hungry.

You are a constantly tired

If you are constantly tired and the fatigue does not stop for several days in a row, this can indicate that the food you eat does not create enough energy for you to function normally. Your body is not getting the fuel it needs and that is why you feel bad.

Blurred vision

In the early stages of diabetes the eye lens cannot “focus” because the glucose builds up in the eye. When the sugar level in the body stabilizes, the problem with blurry vision disappears within a few weeks.

You have cuts or sores that heal harder

The immune system and the processes in the body that normally help the body to heal does not work normally when the sugar levels in the body are high.

You feel a tingling sensation in the feet

In fact this is a mild nerve damage caused by the high blood sugar levels. That is why you feel a tingling sensation, and numbness in your feet.

You are prone to urinary and vaginal infections

Because of the blood sugar levels the urinary tract and the vagina can become a small “factory” for bacteria. If you cannot cure your infections, i.e. if these infections keep coming back, then you need to check whether your problem is perhaps diabetes.

You are in a very bad mood

This is one “general” symptom that can be attributed to a variety of health problems. However, high blood sugar levels can “emulate” the symptoms of depression, so a person can feel depressed and sad.