Are You Suffering From Cyberchondria?

A rash broke out, your hair started falling out more than usual, or you’ve been having a few too many headaches in the past week – you better google your symptoms. Then, a cold sweat hits you. You recently noticed a burning sensation in your throat and a rash on your leg. But you don’t want to sit in the doctor’s office for two hours when the answer is only a click away. Recent researches have shown that more and more people are seeking heath advice from the internet. Many of these people are taking things too far.

While the internet can give you answers for many of the symptoms you may have, it won’t show a solution for a growing problem that is Cyberchondria.

For example, the rash you may have is likely a physical reaction to a certain stimuli, but your constant research can turn it into a frightening skin disease. Yes, though it seems ironic, the more you are searching for a solution and comfort, the deeper the list of diseases that could be related to your little problem.

Don’t worry. The problem’s in your head. Today, we’ll show you how to recognize and deal with it.

  1. You spend 1 – 3 hours a day researching the symptoms.
  2. You’re afraid you have a number of different diseases.
  3. In your worst days, you’re researching the symptoms three to four times a day.
  4. The online search for your symptoms increases your anxiety.
  5. Your health condition, according to the doctor, stable.

If you can identify with these five characteristics, doctors advise that the best treatment is avoiding the Internet. Even though you think that your search for symptoms and solutions can be comforting, it will further aggravate your already quite restless state.

Remember, your health should be your number one priority. So, try not to destroy it.