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7 Exercises That Will Transform Your Body

We all want that perfect body, and in order to achieve this it’s not enough only to lose weight with a healthy diet, but we must include some activity in our daily routine. You have probably seen pictures of people having the same weight, but with or without workout effect.

And you have probably noticed that one body with the same weight can look extremely different. Sure, you have definitely liked the well shaped body picture, because it’s not the body weight what makes you good looking.

To get the body of your dreams it’s enough to do some exercises either at home or at the gym, for at least 30 minutes a day.

For the better results, it is best to combine weight training with cardio workout, because in the same way you will burn calories, lose weight and build muscles. Sure, with a proper diet and hydration.

Squats, jumping rope and cycling are three of the seven most effective exercises for body shaping. With them you will quick and easy strengthen and build your muscles.

1. Jumping rope

This simple and inexpensive exercise is ideal for burning calories, much more than with any other exercise performed for the same amount of time. It is also very fun and will remind you of your childhood.

2. Squats

This powerful exercise will help you to strengthen the lower body parts, to shape and lift the butt and at the same time you will burn a lot of calories. This is one of the most effective exercises for body transformation. In the squat routine, you can include jumps for better effect.

3. Push ups

These exercises are not easy, and this is why many avoid them. But as they say – no pain, no gain. So, if you start doing only two pushups per day, for only a week you will be able to easily do five. This exercise is great for body shaping, especially the upper part, shoulders and back. See how do them properly.

4. Lunges

Lunge is a great exercise to shape and strengthen leg muscles. If you find them boring, you can include dumbbells, small Pilates-ball or hoop.

5. Swimming

This refreshing activity activates many muscles, burns about 600 calories per hour and is perfect for the entire body. This activity is not only good as a workout, but also is very good for your lungs. 

6. Running

Aerobic activity which, as well as swimming, activates almost every muscle of your body. It is excellent for burning calories and weight lose. In addition, running is one of the best stress reliever.

7. Cycling

Cycling is one of the best activities to get the perfect legs, and the advantage is that you can always adjust the tempo, increase or decrease. In addition, if you have a good company, you will not even notice the effort.