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6 Quick Ways To Make A Girl Feel Better While She Is On Her Period

Most men do not know anything about menstruation. Therefore here in this article we will share some facts and instructions what men need to know and to make their women feel better during their period.

It is important to help your girlfriends, wives and all the women in your life, to make their life easier during their period.

It is obvious that men cannot completely understand what is actually happening during the menstrual cycle. However, this article will help all men to make an effort and understand the symptoms.

You must know that in most of the cases, almost every woman gets terrible stomach pain. The intensity of this pain can vary from a dull pain, to a paralyzing piercing pain.

Other symptoms include:

  • severe headache
  • anxiety
  • changes in appetite
  • pain in the genital area
  • fatigue and sleepiness

Remind your wife how special she is

Give her compliments. This will make her feel beautiful and intelligent. She will feel comfortable and this will harmonize her mood.

Help her with the housework

Help her with the chores. Save her from all the unnecessary stress. Make it easy for her burden with the everyday worries and give her time to rest.

Make her feel save and loved

Show her that you care. Hug her. Give her a massage.

Make her feel loved and desired

Let her know that you are happy that you have her in your life. Tell her that she is your best friend, girlfriend or wife. If she is not next to you, call her, send her a message and tell her how beautiful she is.

Cook for her

The menstrual cycle is very difficult for every women. This is mainly due to hormonal changes and blood loss. In addition, you should know that every woman loses a lot of energy and nutritive substances. Show her that you care about her and cook her a healthy meal.

Do not judge her

Hormones can make a woman go wild and be too emotional. Therefore, do not judge her. Instead support her.