6 Disgusting Things That Happens If You Don’t Wash Your Bra Regularly

We all have our strange routines that allow us to postpone the laundry as long as possible. However, there are certain boundaries that mustn’t be crossed. This is especially true with underwear, which is more delicate than we think, especially the bras that should be washed more often than we do.

Although most women wash bras less often than their T-shirts, it should be the opposite. This is because the bra is touching your skin directly. This is why you should wash your bra every week.

If you don’t pay much attention to this, the consequences can be serious. So, today we give you six disgusting things that can happen to you if you don’t wash your bra regularly.

Disgusting Things Will Pile Up In Your Bra

Bacteria, oil, dirt, lotions, micro-organisms and fungi are just some of the things that are piling up on your bra. Joshua Zeihner, a dermatologist from New York, says that these things are usually not dangerous in contact with the skin, but when all of them are mated in one place, the question is what will grow out of it.

Your Bra Will Start To Smell

If you do not wash your clothes often enough, they start to smell. It’s the same with your bra. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve sprayed it perfume while, it will eventually come to the point that the unbearable smell will transfer to your clothes.

Your Bra Can Get Stained

Deodorant is your best friend. As long as it doesn’t get on the fabric cause yellow stains on your clothes, such as your favorite, lace bra.

It Can Cause An Outbreak Of Acne

If you don’t wash your sport bra regularly, it can cause an outbreak of acne due to a buildup of sweat and dirt. Bras are particularly troublesome because they are in direct contact with the skin and as a result of friction, development of acne can occur.

It Can Cause Rashes And Infections

The clothes are one of the main reasons for severe skin irritation.Sometimes the cause is the fact that the clothes are too tight, but far more often it’s because they’re not washed regularly. Usually the bacteria and fungi from bras are found under the breasts.

It Can Irritate Your Nipples

Irritated nipples are very embarrassing situation and one of the most common results of an unwashed bra. Sweaty clothes and dry skin can lead to this condition. So, wash your bra regularly, because this can’t happen with a clean bra.