5 Things You Can Do In Bed That Can Save Your Life!

You can do numerous things in your bed, and surely few of those things immediately come up to mind. For example, watching a horror movie surrounded by warm pillows, lying while surfing on the lap top, meditating, etc. are only few of the several things you can do in the comfort of your own home.

  1. Breakfast in bed

Take warm coffee, toast, tea and fruit in the bed and begin the day slowly and relaxed. Opposite to what most of the people do in the morning such as rushing to get ready, try and eat your breakfast in the warmth in your bed. Moreover, this is also good for your health since a study from the University Harvard, and some other scientific research, showed that the risk from heart attack is highest in the first few hours after waking up. Therefore, a peaceful place where you can start the day with breakfast is beneficial for your entire wellbeing.

  1. Stretch out after waking up

However rested you are and the night is calm, you will wake up in the morning with at least one cramped muscle. Professionals from the Mayo clinic claim that morning stretch out is a natural instinct which has positive health benefits. A five minute stretch out of the neck, shoulders and back will encourage the circulation, you will be more flexible and you will feel better.

  1. Body examination

Self examination can have healthy benefits since you are able to notice any bumps or unusual signs which can be signs of some diseases. Therefore, it is a good solution to do this self examination after waking up, while you are still in your bed.

  1. Moment of truth

A moment of silence, a prayer or meditation can highly influence your mental health and immunity. In the book by Robert A. Emmons: “Thanks! How the New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier” it is stated that people who consciously take a break to say thank you to the universe, and God have lesser chance of experiencing depression, nervousness, headaches, muscle pain and some other forms of stress.

  1. Be naked

Regardless of the human need to be wrapped in numerous blankets, it is a natural body reaction to cool off while we are sleeping. Therefore, at least once a week sleep naked, and if you have children do not forget to lock your bedroom door.