10 Common Shoe Problems And How To Solve Them

A new pair of shoes means a new love, but it can also mean uncertainty when your feet hurt. So you won’t need to have band aids with you at all times, we have 10 tips on how to solve common shoe problems.

The Solutions That Will Save Your Feet

  1. Expand your new shoes using a blow dryer and wearing bulky socks. Walk around the room with the shoes on, while they’re still warm. Then, repeat the procedure. This method is especially effective with leather shoes.
  2. Pointed shoes will be more comfortable if you tape your middle and ring toe.
  3. Dry shampoo is a good solution for shoes that sweat your feet.
  4. Sand slippery soles with a stone or sandpaper.
  5. Wash the white rubber on your shoes with acetone.
  6. Before you put them on, spray your shoes with hairspray. If your shoes are a little baggy or your feet are constantly slipping forward when wearing sandals, use hairspray.
  7. You can make your shoes shiny using glass cleaner.
  8. Prevent feet perspiration while wearing ballet shoes with a stick deodorant.
  9. If your shoes give your blisters or damage your skin, soak your feet in black tea. This way you’re speeding up the recovery.
  10. After a busy day in high heels, massage your feet with two tennis balls.